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Knee & Hip Surgery Clinic
Over 27 years experience in Joint Replacement Over his more than 27 years of clinical career Dr. (Prof.) Arora has performed thousands of joint replacement surgeries
27 years experience
in Joint Replacement
Over 27 years experience in KNEE JOINT REPLACEMENTS Dr. (Prof.) Arora has performed thousands of Primary & Revision Total Knee Replacements along with Complex & Massive Knee replacements
Knee Joint
Over 27 years experience in HIP JOINT REPLACEMENTS Dr. (Prof.) Arora has performed thousands of
Primary & Revision Total Hip Replacements
Hip Joint
Dr. Arora is one of the first in India to perform Computer Navigated Joint Replacements This procedures ensures precise alignment of knee and hip replacements promoting longevity of implanted joints.
Computer Navigated
Joint Replacements
Dr. Arora's expertise also involves Arthroscopy of the Knee Joint The benefits of arthroscopy involve smaller incisions, faster healing, a more rapid recovery, and less scarring.
Arthroscopy of
the Knee Joint

Dr. (Prof.) Arora's
27 years of orthopaedic excellence

Dr. (Prof.) Anil Arora is an internationally acclaimed orthopaedic surgeon providing the ultimate in state-of-the-art quality orthopedic care. As a top Delhi based orthopedic surgeon his practice is exclusive to the treatment of adult (advance) knee and hip joint replacements. Prof. Arora uses the most advanced techniques and technologies available, to reduce hospitalization and speed recovery. Over the past 27 years, Dr. (Prof.) Arora has developed an unenviable reputation as a surgeon willing to take on challenging problems within the knee and hip replacement field. Since beginning his practice in 1987, he has performed countless adult (advance) knee and hip joint replacement operations. Through extensive research and clinical experience, Dr. Arora and his team have made major advances in joint replacement and joint revision surgery including computer assisted (navigated) and minimally invasive approaches to knee and hip replacement. As a result, his Knee & Hip Surgery Clinic has emerged as a key centre for innovations in joint replacement surgical procedures and specialities.

Over 27 years of orthopaedic excellence

He started his career in Joint Replacement way back in 1988! In 1988 he was Co-Editor of a film "Total Hip Replacement", which was telecast on National Television under UGC Education program. A rich experience of more than 25 years specifically in the field of Joint Replacement.

More than 10,000 Joint Replacement Surgeries

In a career spanning more than 27 years, Dr. (Prof.) Arora has performed more than 10,000 joint replacement surgeries with an astonishing rate of outstanding results.

Master of Joint Replacements

He is considered Master of Joint Replacements and regularly trains surgeons, who aspire to become joint replacement surgeons, in various training courses, Medical Doctors' Workshops and conferences. He regularly organises Conferences and training courses to train doctors in the field of Joint Replacement.

Ahead of his time

He has travelled almost half the Globe to gather state of the art techniques in Joint Replacement and has picked up suitable techniques to suit needs of our country patients (like squatting and sitting cross legged). He remains ahead of his times to give you the safest and result oriented joint replacement surgeries.

Uses North India's First Pinless Computer Navigation System

He owns and uses North India's first "Pinless Computer Navigation System" to give you Computer Navigated Knee Replacements with assured results. No other surgeon in North India is using this latest state of the art PINLESS Computer Navigation system.

Applies Computer Navigated Techniques to Joint Replacements

He is one among a rare group of surgeons in India who are adept at applying computer-navigated techniques to joint replacement (arthroplasty) procedures. He is able to correct severe deformities using this technology.

Master of Minimally Invasive Joint Replacement Surgeries

He performs his knee replacement by Minimally Invasive Techniques, with small cuts & incisions, for early rehabilitation and Faster recovery. The patient is ready to be out of Bed in 4 hours after surgery.

Uses Body Exhaust System to prevent intraoperative infections

Uses Body Exhaust System, a world class technology, to prevent infection. He and his team wear a suit which looks like Astronaut's Suit. Infection is considered as enemy no 1 for failure of knee joint. This is a big boon for patients with diabetes or kidney problems.

Staggering Rate of Success

He gives you amazing results in Joint Replacement surgeries. Patients operated by him can play football and Dance after Knee Replacement. He can enable patients to sit cross legged or squat very soon after undergoing Knee Replacement.

Even Doctors repose their faith in him for surgery of their parents

Even doctors place their faith in him for surgery of their parents. He has made their parents walk WITHOUT SUPPORT within three days of both knee replacement. He is Joint Replacement Surgeon of choice for doctors, thanks to his superb technique and enviable surgical skills.

Champion at handling complex orthopaedic cases

He can handle complex cases very easily because of his extensive experience. He has worked in Medical College, training doctors and solving and operating complex cases, for almost 20 years. He is considered Complex Cases Champion in his circles.

Most Awarded & Accomplished Orthopaedic Surgeon

He can be considered the one of the most awarded and most accomplished Orthopaedic Surgeon of the country. Awarded by IMA for four years in a row to bring world class technology to DELHI.

Excellent Support Team of Doctors

He has an excellent personal team of twenty Doctors and Paramedics who are always geared to respond to any emergency and provide his patients personal attention and exceptional pre-op and post-op care.

Internationally Acclaimed

Internationally acclaimed and immensely popular as a joint replacement surgeon abroad, countless international patients including Non-resident Indians (NRIs) come to him and the numbers are growing exponentially year on year.


MS (Ortho), DNB (Ortho), Dip SIROT (USA),
FAPOA (Korea), FIGOF (Germany), FJOA (Japan)

Commonwealth Fellow Joint Replacement
Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital
(London, UK)

International Awardee & National Gold Medalist

Senior Knee & Hip Replacement Surgeon
Senior Orthopaedic Surgeon

Chief Surgeon & Director
Knee & Hip Surgery Clinic and Global Ortho
70, Hargobind Enclave, Delhi-92 (India)

Director & Unit Head - Orthopaedic & Joint Replacement Surgery
Max Superspeciality Hospital & Institute of Joint Replacement
Patparganj, Delhi-92 (India)

Formerly: Professor of Orthopaedics
University College of Medical Sciences - Delhi

National Delegate of India - Asia Pacific Orthopaedic Association

Joint Secretary - Indian Orthopaedic Association (2009-2011)

Vice President - Delhi Orthopaedic Association (2009-2010)

Secretary - Delhi Orthopaedic Association (2007-2009)

Editor - Delhi Journal of Orthopaedics (2004-2009)

Member - Committee of Orthopaedic Implants
Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS)

Chairman - Basic Sciences Committee
Indian Orthopaedic Association

Member - Implant Committee
Indian Orthopaedic Association

Dr. Arora's Team

Dr. Arora has a team of experienced and expert surgeons with caring and specially trained nurses, therapists and technicians. His goal is to provide seamless, coordinated care, and get you back to your favourite activities as soon as possible.

Outstanding Results

In any surgical procedure, outstanding results come from excellent technique. Joint Replacement is no exception, and when performed by Dr. (Prof.) Anil Arora, careful attention to detail enhances nuanced maneuvers honed by years of experience to produce optimal joint replacement outcomes.

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Patient Speak

In the last 25 years Dr. (Prof.) Anil Arora has had the fortune to be able to assist thousands of people get their mobility of limbs back. We thank all our patients and friends who continue to spread our Joint Replacement Centre's name. Watch and listen to what a few of our patients have to say.

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International Patient Speak

Being an internationally acclaimed joint replacement surgeon, Dr. (Prof.) Anil Arora also has had the fortune to assist countless patients from across the world to get their mobility back. Watch and listen to what a few of our patients and their family members have to say.

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