Mr. A.N. Chopra - Pinless Computer Navigated Both Knees Replacement

88 years old senior citizen Mr. AN Chopra was afflicted with severe knee pain for more than a decade till his condition became unbearable in the last two years to the extent that he was unable to walk and was confined to a wheelchair. In his desperation he was prepared to to undergo surgery if it was possible at his age.He came to Max Superspeciality Hospital on his own in an auto-rickshaw to seek Dr. (Prof.) Anil Arora's advice. After evaluating the condition of his knees and a thorough medical check-up Dr. Arora found him fit for surgery and advised him to undergo both knee replacement surgery through the Pinless Computer Navigated technique.

Two days after his 88th bithday he was admitted to the hospital in preparation of surgery. His surgery was personally conducted by Dr. Arora and he was able to walk within 48 hours of his procedure. It is a common misconception that people at an advanced age can not undergo joint replacement surgery, which is a myth. If other medical parameters are found normal, people advanced in age can certainly undergo such surgeries.